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Meet The Team!

Thank you for coming to FunBites! Our team consists of so many people it impossible to list them in the detail they deserve. But to name a few, we start with you who we wouldn’t be here without! Then there are the over 5,000 Mommy bloggers who help spread the word and FunBites creations to their audience; and, importantly we must include our 100,000 social media fans who continue to cheer us on and spread the fun!

At home base, we have the core team that manages the business flow and helps ensure we reach as many people as we can with our bite-sized fun! We focus on moving forward, believing in our dream, and making a difference in the world by adding a little fun – one bite at a time!



Bobbie is team FunBites creator and leader, directing all marketing, sales and innovation efforts. She believes in The Secret – never giving up and focusing on our dream to make mealtime just a little bit easier and a lot more fun for everyone!



Jackie is the social media, design and go to kid for just about anything with FunBites related to the internet and beyond! Only 17 years old but with the brilliance of a shining star, Jackie (my daughter) was one of the key inspirations for the brand – the kid that always wanted her food meticulously neat and organized.



Dylan is the all-around helper from honest critic to culinary master chef creating over the top delicious fun food creations. At 13 years old and being my other FunBites inspiration, Dylan (my daughter) helps drive to take things to unimaginable success.


Rob is our creative guru who brings FunBites to life through amazing packaging and marketing materials as well as the a super fun energy to everything he does.



Will is our webmaster from SharkShark who brings FunBites to life not only on our website but on social media platforms. He also is our go-to trouble shooter who magically makes all things happen!

Mark & Natalie,

Mark & Natalie

Mark and Natalie lead all international sales helping to spread the fun all over the world! It’s a big job but they are so creative, efficient and resourceful that soon you will be able to find us everywhere!



Edward is FunBites outside counsel and patent attorney who always protects the FunBites brand and products. He is a partner at Edward/Ellis in New York.



Sandro is our photographer who makes the food creations come to life so that kids and their families can re-create these and more at home. If you like what you see, head to his site:



Katie helps with organizing our retailer database to make sure we are well connected and at their service! She also pitches in when needed for shipping and distribution always making us laugh and have more fun.


Natasha is in charge of all shipping, working at the speed of light so you practically receive your order before you hit the complete button!



Melissa keeps everyone on task with packing and distribution, sourcing opportunities and creating innovative marketing campaigns.



Julia is our accountant, keeping track of every number!



Ben is our display show lead and innovator– helping to bring FunBites to the thousands of retailers all of the USA. He is also with Innovative Display & Design in Bridgeport, CT.

Sales Team,

Sales Team

Our sales team is located throughout USA and Canada, generating awareness and continuing to build the FunBites brand.

My Father,

My Father

Saving the best for last… without this man, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Providing advice, support and love, Bobbie’s Dad was the key to knowing about Shark Tank and ensuring that no one ever gives up.